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Glide-Pro Motor Mounts & Cafe Fairings for Harley Davidson

Safety and performance are very important at Glide-Pro, it’s always a top priority with Jake Ore, the President and Designer of the Glide Pro Stabilizing System. Jake has maintained an FAA airframe and power plant license for the past 25 years and has held an FAA Inspector Authorization for the last 20. So he demands that the best materials, and workmanship go into each and every product he works on. Glide Pro is no exception. Jake’s experience encompasses building high performance composite aircraft, fabricating fiberglass and carbon fiber, and thorough aircraft maintenance, including sheet metal repairs and engine overhauls. After being very disappointed in his `03 Road King, Jake went to work and Glide-Pro was born. Anyone who has experienced the high speed wobbles, also known as tank slap, will want the Glide-Pro Stabilizing System on their bike. Glide-Pro is made in America and is both domestic and international patent pending. This product has been personally tested by Jake and many other avid riders for the past five years, with over 50,000 test miles accomplished before bringing it to the public. If you want to make your touring bike handle the way it should, you need the Glide Pro Stabilizing System.